​The Motley Goat is a concept design brand that explores Greek heritage and sustainable craftsmanship to design and create modern high end products addressed to the global market. Our vision is to present eclectic designs and quality that can be embraced to last beyond the season. Our designs balance innovation with a respect for tradition and attention to detail; the combination is so unique that it makes your pulse quicken and your mouth water.


Established in Athens in 2015 by Michail-Alexander Passos, The Motley Goat offers a range of high quality, sustainably manufactured print garments. All the items in the collection are inspired by the registered and now recognizable logo, the motley goat, which associates its Greek roots with a lot of humour. Drawing its inspiration from the Greek culture, tradition and art it creates garments in which the Greek element is distinctive. At the same time, its humorous attitude corresponds to the DNA of the brand and the motley goat itself. The Motley Goat aspires to feature in Greek fashion and ultimately become an international brand for those who love Greece all around the globe.


The Motley Goat has deep roots in the Greek language and tradition. Actually, it is one of the most popular Greek expressions that is used to describe any incident ridiculous enough to make us laugh out loud. The Greeks say: “even the Motley Goat will laugh at this”. There is no doubt that the sight of each design brings a smile to the face of the beholder. Its purpose is to convey ideas and cause the much sought-after laugh, whether it be a giggle, a smirk or a grin at reminiscing about a past Greek experience.


Our philosophy is rooted in our passion for design innovation, sustainable manufacturing and the love for natural raw materials. The Motley Goat spreads a message of derision and gentle self-mockery, very slightly provocative but never mean, whilst bringing a sense of glamour. Season after season, The Motley Goat showcases our contemporary vision of fashion influenced by the Greek way of living, with a pinch of humour and a dose of the retro. While it continues to establish a reputation of its own, it has attracted the media attention and a high profile clientele.

The Motley Goat man and woman resonate with this perfect balance between tradition and modernity, chic and laid-back. Resisting the hectic modern lifestyle, we wish to enable you to make a statement about your choices and express your individuality.