I was born and raised in Heraclion, Crete, and grew up with the sound of my grandma's singer sewing machine. I left Crete at an early age to live in Athens. After school I went to England to study International Relations and later returned to Athens to work at a newspaper as a journalist. I was good at writing as i was in many more creative things that involved my hands... That was the time when I started getting involved with my stash of old clothes I refused to throw away, beads, buttons, semi-precious stones etc. I started making jewllery and selling them to local boutiques. It was fun and creative and a way to express myself. In 2003 I created a collection of bags that was inspired by the work of Alina and Mike, a creative couple based in Salonica. In 2008 I presented my very first bag collection. The designs and prints had a retro, vintagy twist, an essence of old times when women where more feminine and dressed up! Ever since I create bags that can stand out by themselves.. Colourful, vibrant, pop/retro prints and plain desing. Every bag is a story to tell and I am really enjoying it!!Evi Skarvelaki.