Samantha Sotos was born and raised in Australia, studied in Athens and London and worked in London and Sydney before moving to Greece. In 2006 the Samantha Sotos label was launched. Her atelier is situated in downtown Athens, Thissio at the foot of the Acropolis. Thissio merges the 'yitonia' (neighbourhood) of old Athens with a modern flavour of today. 

Her European and Australian influences and travels are the backbone to what she calls her "Euralian' style. European and Australian lifestyles merged. Sophistication and comfort all in one look. Her label captures the essence of both cultures - entwining relaxed, simple elegance with an expressive European polish. Luxe fabrics and clean lines allow women to show their unique personal style and individuality through her clothes.  

Living in Greece you learn to expect the unexpected. You start your day at work and end up in a bar or restaurant in the evening. Either way your clothes suit both occasions. This is a popular feature to the brand which shows the diversity and practicality of her designs.