The building is located in the very first core of the medieval settlement in Ano Syros. The entrance arch is highly presumed as one of the first gates (12-13th century) on the early village, which was constructed as a fortress to protect the inhabitants against pirate attacks.

Situated literally under the catholic monastery of Saint George, on top of the hill of Ano Syros, oriented northeast, above the harbor of the capital town Hermoupolis, Wind Tales  offers breathtaking view overlooking the islands of Didimi, Tinos, Mykonos, Dilos, Rinia, Paros, Naxos. On clear days, the eye travels across the Aegean Sea all the way to the islands of Ikaria and Samos.

Despite the fact that houses in Cycladic medieval settlements were built practically one on top of the other, Wind Tales preserves the privacy of guests, a rare advantage. Inviting and secluded, Wind Tales adjoins the old monastery of the Jesuits and its unique terraces inspire guests to enjoy leisure times.