The legends and myths of Santorini, an island rich in history and traditions, became the cornerstone of The Tsitouras Collection's existence, which was expanded by the creativity, wealth of ideas, purpose and vision of one man: Dimitris Tsitouras -a celebrated lifelong Greek art and history aficionado, a prolific writer of books about Santorini and a passionate collector who already counts over 4,000 Santorinian artifacts destined for the museum he is currently building. Until the completion of the museum, which will be the collector's legacy, his priceless artifacts, including an original Picasso worth half a million dollars, adorn a former schoolhouse which he renovated and later transformed into Santorini's most exclusive boutique hotel filled with an eclectic mix of paintings, sculpture and furniture.

Dimitris Tsitouras did not intend to become a hotelier right from the start. He initially created this complex of uniquely decorated houses to host his collection and accommodate his friends from abroad on the island of Santorini. Stunned by the location and the mansion's allure, his guests suggested he transform it into a hotel. Still, despite opening the hotel, Dimitris Tsitouras, the son of a prominent lawyer and judge, continued to thrive in the Greek legal profession until the age of forty, when he finally decided to give up his lucrative career and devote himself to becoming a celebrated designer and hotelier. This life-changing decision was the result of a random meeting with Gianni Versace, who booked the entire hotel for a month back in 1999 and urged him to give up his career to focus on design and the hotel. In 2007, ITN Factual on behalf of Discovery Channel included him in the World's Most Successful Series, dedicating a whole episode on his life, from childhood up to that year, covering all his activities, as well as his five-star boutique hotel.