Tinos Eco Lodge is about providing an eco-friendly tourist destination on the island of Tinos, using the natural resources of the island in a sustainable way and creating an autonomous, state of the Art, off-grid system.

We run completely on solar energy, we use local stone for building, we collect rainwater and we treat the waste water for irrigation, we grow most of our vegetables here,  we minimize and recycle our waste and we promote and take part in activities connected to the natural environment.

Our guests will know that by staying here they leave a minimal footprint, while at the same time gain first hand experience of the solutions provided for minimizing our impact.

In order to supply a household with the basic infrastructural needs, we tend to use centralised networks for power, water, waste and waste water.

This centralised approach is more suitable in densely populated areas that are characterised by short distances from input to output or output to input.

The  Eco Lodge project plot is far away from these kind of supply networks.

That’s why off-grid solutions became very attractive, on the one hand because we believe that under circumstances like these, they can do a better, cleaner, cheaper and more sustainable job and because necessary due to the location.

We implemented: power supply; rain water collection; rain water storage; rain water to fresh water; waste water treatment; composting human manure; use of treated waste water for non-edible plants and trees; natural light design and solar thermal design.

All these different elements come together to form a highly sustainable infrastructure for modern living.