Situated in the northern suburbs of Athens, in the sophisticated area of Ekali, the Life Gallery , 5 star design hotel in Athens, member of the bluegr hotels brilliantly combines natural splendor with modern luxury in a haven of style and tranquility. The exquisite modern architecture, the remarkable minimalist design, the ethnic elements, glass surfaces, unique lighting systems and branded furniture emanate a sense of balance and harmony welcoming visitors to succumb to the pleasures of contemporary luxury.

From the relaxing environs of the swimming pool to the perfumed gardens, the seductive wet-area of the spa, the stylish restaurant in Athens, the Zen garden, the state of the art conference rooms and unrivalled accommodation options such as the charming Junior Suite, Art Studios and Deluxe Rooms guarantee a stay full of comforts. Along with the exceptional service, the luxury facilities and amenities provided, the Life Gallery  design boutique hotel in Ekali lifts Athens holidays to new heights. Rightfully considered as one of the best boutique hotels in Athens, Greece, Life Gallery Athens introduces a new wave of stylish hospitality & wellness.


Travelers wishing to arrange some of the most successful meeting events, relax into the abyss of the spa or simply escape the pressures of everyday life in a refined suburb of Athens are welcome to visit this awarded business hotel in Athens and combine business with leisure in an environment coexisting with nature. Featuring some of the best accommodation in Athens, the Life Gallery athens allows guest to fully unwind in stylish environs with unique natural decoration details, modern comforts and lavish amenities, embrace the new way of living and succumb to the pleasures of luxury in a design business hotel in Athens combining an artistic ambiance with an urban chic feel. Renowned as one of the best Athens hotels, the Life Gallery athens design boutique hotel ensures a holiday experience beyond comparison.