Aristea Gravou is a visual artist, educator, and healer. She was born in Athens, grew up in Ilioupoli Sun City, Exarchia downtown, while in summers Karditsa and Ioannina.

Her educational journey has taken her through the realms of network and programming, European culture and civilization, and visual arts.

Aristea is a Reiki Master Healer,  an accredited yoga instructor,  a certified Flower Bach consultant, a therapeutic art life coach and teacher.

Her professional journey spans across various sectors, including the financial industry, fashion, production companies, and cultural centers of performing arts.

She has worked as a costume designer for theatre and dance performances while having her fashion atelier in Exarchia under the brand name Artisan has designed her fashion collection with clothes and accessories. 

In 2008, Aristea founded the Cultural Network of Arts and Education, known as "ARTISAN ART IS A NEED," a venture with a profound mission.

This initiative is dedicated to raising awareness and actively engaging both children and adults with the transformative power of visual arts.

For the past decade, Aristea has made the idyllic Andros Island her home, where she imparts her wisdom as a visual arts instructor.

The annual art exhibitions she orchestrates proudly display the artistic achievements of her students, reflecting her commitment to nurturing and developing creative talent.

She has exhibited her artistic work in Greece and Malta.

As an artist, Aristea gracefully balances between indoor art exhibitions and outdoor narrative installations, where her work is a testament to her belief that art is indeed a need for every soul.

Her art is not merely a visual medium; it's a healing force, inspiring individuals to become their authentic selves, fostering self-expression, and nurturing their artistic skills.

Aristea Gravou's philosophy revolves around the intrinsic value of art - it is a need, a medium through which personal stories matter.

It's a powerful means to express our truth, connect with others, and communicate on a solid foundation.

In her atelier, one can find the tools needed for healing art, a sanctuary of artistic and philosophical exploration, a collection of her drawings and paintings, and custom-designed accessories for connoisseurs of unique, handcrafted pieces.