Alchemia is an artisan studio of modern handmade, sculpture soaps and clay masks that are ethically sourced and handcrafted in our studio in Greece.

Founded by Alkistis Venetopoulou in early 2020 after giving birth to her daughter with sensitive skin that inspired her to make her own handmade soaps and self-care rituals using fine ingredients.

Alchemia is a movement built on trust, transparency, and beauty with no comprises. The molds are handmade from stones and collected in Paxos island that now brings nature into your home.

Our soaps are made of milk, clays, butters, and natural scrubs infused with scents inspired from every corner of the world bringing a part of nature back into your home and making them a part of your everyday rituals. 

We pride ourselves on our newly opened laboratory where you can come and explore our collection and find which soap calls your name.