As a chemist, I always had a desire for participating in the making of a product.  The whole life cycle of a product, from choosing the materials to its final production and dispatch has always fascinated me.  

After working at Cosmetics manufacturing companies in Quality Control and Regulatory Affairs for ten years, I decided to go after my desire to create my own formulas. 

As I was experimenting with different formulations for my  Cosmetics Science Diploma, I found out that up to 50% of adults have experienced skin sensitivity at some stage in their life, myself included. Sensitive skin is skin with lower resistance to irritants. 

I wondered whether I had been treating my skin with the right products and I began to research ingredients, their origin, and their toxicological profile. 

I soon found out that a considerable number of cosmetic products contain ingredients that can cause skin irritations, act as hormone disruptors and be toxic for the environment and the oceans.  

It was then that my journey of formulating with natural and mild ingredients started. 

My first formula was Defense Day cream, a mild hydrating day cream with cocoa butter, rice oil, and cucumber. It became so loved that I was encouraged to continue my formulation journey and to create my basic line, launched in September 2018.   

I now use my knowledge and experience as a Cosmetic Scientist to create gentle, natural, and effective skincare that change people’s skin and make their lives shinier.  

At Wholly Skincare we believe in natural, gentle skincare that works. 

We create natural skincare that is good for your skin. Made with cold-pressed oils, natural butters, organic hydrosols, fruit & vegetable extracts, our products contain all the food our skin needs to be healthy and glowing!  

We carefully select our ingredients to be safe, with zero toxicity, and natural. We reach to Greek organic farmers to be our local suppliers of extracts, hydrosols, and essential oils (rosewater, orange, mandarin, pine oil). We leave out artificial fragrances, harsh chemicals, parabens, and silicones. Our packaging is made from light, recyclable materials, free from phthalates, and where possible reusable. 

Wholly formulas are mild and suitable for sensitive skin. They are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and rated with the lowest score (0,0).

We produce in a certified laboratory according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in small batches to retain our product's freshness and precious properties. 

In all that we do, we support an honest, wholly way of living by appreciating ourselves and taking care of our planet and each other. 


Melina Athanasiou, Creator of Wholly natural Skincare