Virginia Tzioti Handmade Jewellery
Founded in 2009 by the designer, Virginia Tzioti is a jewelry brand based in London. Holding great respect for the ancient Greek culture, while...
Oia Collection Luxury Santorini Villas.
You found your little piece of Paradise on Earth. Look no further. Live in the moment. Let the sun kiss your skin, let the smells...
Diles and Rinies Estate in Tinos Island
Experience living in a villa with unlimited views of the Aegean, which provides comfort, privacy and serenity for your vacation. In a carefree and...
DI GA'I'A - Shoe brand by Elvira Panagiotopoulou.
DI GAΪΑ is a high-end shoe brand, designed by Elvira Panagiotopoulou and hand-made by the finest artisans in Florence. Inspired by Gaia (Γαῖα), the...
''I Accept You''. A strong message from Liana Camba and Angelo Tziara.
You can speak out loud. You have no reason to be afraid. Its all about acception. Love. Understanding. Tolerance. Its all about being ''Human''. Its...
Crossroads Inn - country side hotel / Tinos island
Our hotel traditional accommodations on Tinos Island express the charm of living the local life in the Cycladic village of Tripotamos, offering you...
''Helleo'' Soaps.
100% Natural handmade soap from organic extra virgin olive oil. Handcrafted in Crete. Produced in small batches. A range of six different soap...
EPSA drinks.
An extraordinary lemon epic, a German and his secret recipe, form the myth which accompanies the magic history of Volos soft drinks and juice...
''Agroktima'' / Traditional Guesthouse.
Welcome to our hospitable farm, Agroktima. This selection of gorgeous stone-built properties set in the quaint village of Leonidio offer...
''Isle of Olive'' Natural Greek Poducts Shop in East London.
"Isle of Olive", a shop specialising in natural Greek products opened its doors to the public in June 2013. The shop, located in the heart of one of...


20 May 2017
NEW YORK – The New York Blue Money Show took place on April 7 and 8 at the Jay Suites Times Square in Midtown Manhattan. Among the events included in this conference that promotes...
greek ancient sandals
19 December 2012
GREEK DESIGNERS 8/12/2012 - 10/1/2013
19 December 2012
  Three Decades of Celebrations at Skoufa Gallery 15/12/2012 until 15/1/2013  
19 December 2012
Skoufa Gallery opened in 1981 exhibiting works by contemporary Greek artists.Host of historically significant, contemporary artists of the 1930’s, the gallery aims to...
 Sto Kioupi - Dimitsana
17 December 2012
a wonderful greek traditional restaurant with great view,in Dimitsana-Tripoli Arcadia,a place known for its unspoiled beauty..
Soleto Pane-cafe-tratoria
17 December 2012
Pane Cafe Trattoria a place full of energy,great food,and a positive aura!enjoy!
15 December 2012
tomorrow,you can bring clothes you dont wear anymore,and they will be all selected for homeless people,or people that they really need them. awaken your soul!!its Christmas!...
A fine evening at Kostarelos store.
sofi moukidou necklace
13 December 2012
one of a kind new vintage handmade jewellery absolutelly unique just like the women who wear them! Shipping worldwide!
Gallerie Marneri lucky charms for 2013
11 December 2012
they can bring you good luck in 2013!!do you believe in charms??in luck? Gallerie Marneri.
5 December 2012
All cosmetics are prepared with natural and essential oils, vitamins, extracts and essences without chemicals and parabens to avoid allergics reactions and skin irritations....
3 December 2012
Stefanos Kastrinakis,is this period competing for Greece in the European Parliament Brussels. Vote here.
1 December 2012
December.. protect your self and the ones you love from the Aids disease. its something we should always remember,no matter what. its one of those things that you say"oh!this is...
1 December 2012
Welcome to the beautiful Evritania at one of the most impressive hotels in Karpenisi, Archontiko Maria's in the beautiful village of Klafsi. We made a new hotel with...
29 November 2012
Antonis Tsakiris: 29.11.2012 - 06.01.2013   Kriezotou 7 Athens 10671, Greece   Τel - Fax: +30 210 3640288 website: email:...


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