A spontaneous idea, a friendship, and this tweak of joy that the creation gives us, were the ingredients with which we launched Tartarooga in 2015.
Choosing the name tartarooga was no accident.
Tartarooga, the turtle shell that is an integral part of it, sums up for us how important it is to feel in tune with everything that makes us … us!
The carefree feeling, the free spirit, the charm, are the senses we seek to characterize the particular details we create for Tartarooga.
This is how we imagine the tartarooga girl. Spontaneous, free, simple, charming in her own carefree way.
Tartarooga is a small business owned by two women. We are inspired by our walks in Athens and our road trips.

We enjoy the beauties of nature and this is the reason why we try to reduce as much as we can our ecological footprint with recyclable packaging and to be as ethical as possible.

 A spontaneous idea, a friendship, and this tweak of joy! Welcome to the tartarooga world! "