-Is art an investment?

Art is an investment for connoisseurs of the art market that is greatly influenced by many variables and trends but for me, is an investment in the mental and spiritual elevation of man, in his aesthetic pleasure, in a higher form of communication between his emotional world and the artist’s,  in a utopian area of absolute freedom.

-What is the meaning of art from your own point of view?

Art penetrates and interprets something from our inner world, stimulates the senses, draws memories and experiences, awakens the spirit, and offers aesthetic pleasure. It accompanies us in our daily life and helps us escape from a reality that is often cruel and brutal, that crushes us. As Nietzsche said:  «Truth is ugly. We possess art lest we perish of the truth»

-What differentiates one gallery from another?

 Their rationale and philosophy, the existence of vision, the way of presentation, the feeling, and the goals. Specifically, Teta Art Space is differentiated as it is run by an artist, supports artists, encourages experimentation and the emergence of hybrid forms of artistic expression and coexistence with the aim of presenting contemporary creation in a new space that is also a laboratory-studio, which enhances the sense of creation, the sense of a "living" artistic space.

The aim is not only to exhibit artworks but to frame them and converse with other forms of art at the same time so that their presentation is a cultural event resulting from the union of various arts.

In addition, the vision for this space is to highlight the artistic potential of the area in order to communicate its artistic mark

-If you could go back to when you opened, what is the one piece of advice you wish you had had?

I think I would like all the advice in the world because I started by following my dream and my heart. I couldn't see anything else in front of me. Whatever came up, I didn't see it as an obstacle. I was learning along the way.

I like the fact that it was created this way. It has a lot of truth in it. I would do it exactly the same way if I had to do it all over again because it's straight from the heart. It is my studio with the door wide open to other artists who wish to express themselves and exhibit within this space

-How do you go about finding new artists?

Mainly, through the internet, through art publications, exhibitions, art fairs, or directly from artists who are interested in exhibiting at my space. It's not something that I chase or causes me anxiety.

My wish is to make a few exhibitions a year and substantial ones. My concern is to protect the good name of the space in terms of the quality and high aesthetics of the exhibitions so that it is a guarantee for both the art-loving public and the artist

-What would you like to know about starting or running a gallery?

I would like to know some specifics of the galleries regarding financial arrangements. Aside from the creative part, it's a business that I'm constantly learning how to run. I never stop studying, updating, and constantly discovering new things.