1. First of all it is a pleasure to talk with you! Let us know more about your own background. What were the key steps you took to become a professional model?

-The pleasure is mine! Thank you for having me. To be honest my background is not related to modeling at all. Social theology is the subject of my studies, so I could be teaching in high schools also my prior work fields are far from my profession. Fashion has always been my passion. I love how it can include all the fine arts, history, politics, economics in a fabric that takes shape, form and it is a sign of an era's culture!

So it was inevitable to be in the industry!

2. Tell us more about your own campaign about #diversity.

-I feel so grateful for this project. It started a few years ago in 2017.The main issue was, and unfortunately still is, that women are a vulnerable social group. This fact combined with my personal life goal to build a better world for my daughter and all these women who have felt unseen, unheard, unworthy even just once in their life led me to create this project and be an inspirational speaker about the necessity of emotional and physical health. About the necessity of love and respect in our lives and the meaning of "putting yourself first". Women are the promise for the future!I don't remember from who I heard it but that is it!

Also, this project led me to be one of the 200 Leaders on "Womentors". Α project which is implemented from Active citizens fund and as an implementation body is the Lambrakis Foundation and as a partner the "Apostoli Anthropos".

A project that promotes and educates young women on empowerment and how to be an active citizen.

3. What about modeling today? How different is now compared to the glamorous past?

-Referring to the '90s and 80's yes there was a specific image of how a model should look like when it came to their way of living, designers, magazines, runways, had their muses and there was so much glam everywhere!

But it was just for a few....as still is. Nowadays, because of social media, models are approachable, people can have a look at our daily routine but also we have a voice! And I think that most famous models are involving with politics, have a specific opinion on how to make this world a better place and after a while, we see them on covers or on runaway! Each era has something different to show and I think this is brilliant.

4. What are your goals as a model?

-With covid-19 or without? It is difficult through this pandemic to travel but let's be optimistic. I want to do the best I can, Europe is waiting! Hahaha! I would love to be part of all these incredible shows. Go to London, Paris...

Someone told me that "Dear you are born in the wrong country for your dreams", well it could have been easier but I have dreams which I turn them into goals, and I stay focused.

5. Do you think that society can accept all body types because of some famous and successful models like Ashley Graham for example?

-Well society it is each one of us and we are all unique and different! These supermodels like Ashely Graham, Candice Huffine, Precious Lee, Paloma Elsseser are the reason that so many women accept their body, the image in their mirror.

There is a long way to go still but when we accept our individuality everything will be better.

6.Is there a place for plus-size models in the high fashion industry?

-The latest fashion weeks shows there are! ''Vogue"s covers show there is! Designers show there is! It is amazing how the industry has changed during the last 10 years. And we can do more! It is an amazing feeling to feel represented after all there is enough space for everyone.

7.What are the main do’s and don’ts when showcasing yourself to an agency?

-Always be on time, be clean, respectful, confident, be yourself, be body ready! But never tell your age! (just kidding!)

8. Would you like a store that specifically provides for curvy/ plus size girls, which also provides trend-driven styles, and has an online community to share/post outfits, tips, and everyday guidance?

-To be honest, there are a lot of stores like that out there especially in the USA and in Europe. So yes, it is interesting but for me, it would be more interesting to train models and create a community where we will be respectful and educated. Modeling is so much more than an image.

9. Do you want your daughter to model?

-.I want my daughter to be happy and healthy physically and mentally. She has my full support for this. If this is through modeling then mama is here.

10.What advice would you give to your younger self if you knew what you know today?

-It would be probably "Do not get stressed or sad with things that won't matter in a few months". And "Love yourself more.''