-When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a jewelry designer?

 I have never planned to become a jewelry designer. It so happened that my hobby turned into my profession. I create jewelry since my studies and I never completed my Ph.D. because I set up my company.  I think that we should walk on our path of life respecting its turns and twists, without fear.  

-Who would you most like to see wearing your jewelry? 

The everyday woman. I am not infatuated by celebrities.  I think that every woman is unique. It is an honor for me that some of them wear my jewelry. We should praise the everyday woman more.  She is my heroine.

-The change in the business industry during covid 19 now requires to have a new set of skills we all have to learn, how do you react to that?

 This year was a big challenge and I embraced it. It was a liberating year because I had time to think more.  We spend our frantic life, executing rather than contemplating. Quarantine, despite all the difficulties, was a period of contemplation. 

To survive and thrive, one should equip him/herself with many skills, such as focus, confidence, patience, discipline, vision. Except for all the psychological abilities mentioned already, the required skills have to do with technology. 

In order to run a business one must be technically savvy to meet the challenges ahead.

-What motivates you?

 My love for costume jewelry, the pleasure of giving to women something that reveals their inner beauty, the everyday routine in the office, and my incredible team.

-What is your greatest fear?

The lack of health, the lack of memory.

-What five words would describe you as a Jewelry Designer?

Creating beautiful jewelry that reminds women how special they are. (not 5 words but accurate description).

-Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I never plan long term. I think it is a kind of hybris. I find this kind of planning very naïve. My only wish (not a plan) is to be healthy and well.

-What have you learned from mistakes on the job?

 That mistakes are unavoidable and precious. Mistakes make us stronger and teach us many things.  Mistakes are the driving force of improvement and evolution. We learn so many things from mistakes, this process of trial and error, or, error and error. 

Do not fear making mistakes, praise them! 

-What are your strengths and weaknesses?

 I really do not know… probably that I yell when I talk on the phone is a weakness I assume. Finding a bit of extra energy to make an effort when I am tired and disappointed is a strength, I think….

-Α wish for 2021?

 Delete all shit: 2020 reminded us what is important and what is not.  So, do not spend time with trivial matters and focus on the essential.