“Life can only be justified as an aesthetic phenomenon” F. Nietzsche said once upon a time. And he shook my world. And then I knew why drawing and painting turned into graphic design and how design was put on the side to give space to photography. And when art matured enough through photography and blended in with modern philosophy, yoga emerged. And out of nowhere, music came into the picture. Well, that last one was meant to happen. It was just a child’s dream that the adult body never forgot. Why so many disciplines and not all directly related to each other? Honestly, I do not know. But I do know that yoga has shown me the vast potential of the human mind and its endless capabilities when it makes peace with the body. So long story short, it’s not that I ever wanted to mess with art, photography, music and a yoga but it seems there is an inner need to relate myself in space and time by various aesthetic means. After a 15-year trip from Greece to Spain, then San Francisco and finally New York, I’m back to where I started. I currently live in Athens and I practice and teach yoga daily. Music is my hobby and photography a loving engagement which takes place once or twice a year usually in the form of a project. And I pray to God no other media will be added!

See below the most recent photo project entitled "Eftalou: In Fiction & Reality" which was shot at Lesvos island a few months ago in the midst of the refugee crisis and a two-week international yoga workshop https://varaphoyo.wordpress.com/