Pavlina Vagioni is a Greek multimedia artist with a kaleidoscopic practice ranging from installations to sculpting and painting, to sound collages and VR videos. The common thread of her works is the reinterpretation of classical myths within a contemporary context.

Using a scenographic approach, she varies the size of her works, from monumental to intimate dimensions, with a combination of abstract and figurative elements.

From a background rich in diverse personal experiences, issues of identity and self-knowledge have always preoccupied Pavlina. Her interest in the plethora of symbolisms within Greek mythological themes fuels her artistic imagination.

Her preference for utilizing new materials and technologies reflects her restless spirit and curiosity.

Pavlina is an honours graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts and a professional Classical Singer with additional studies in Music Theory, Piano and Music Composition from the Athens Music Society and Alexandroupolis Music Society Conservatories in Greece.

She retains studios in Athens, Greece, and Houston TX, USA and has participated in various group exhibitions in both countries.