Nevro is a womenswear brand focusing on statement blazers and has been in the industry for just one year, since December 2020. We envisioned creating clothes with softness, liberation, comfort, individuality, and timelessness.

A modern coolness and casualism with an essence of couture.    

We take archetypal classic blazers and we create garments with a twist between commercial and conceptual.  

Our signature pieces are all about structure, design, and simplicity, lead by tailoring, color, and texture. Products that are statement but don’t scream for attention or crave to show-off.  

Our brand is characterized by transparency, inclusiveness, and competitive prices. Our very rich and consistent aesthetic, makes Nevro an accessible luxury, with well-recognizable products and able to become immensely popular due to its distinctive designs.

For Nevro, the idea was to create a persona with values who would exist independently, yet would complement her male alter ego. What a Nevro woman embodies is: "A lady a tomboy a businesswoman, a trailblazer. Everything and All"
She is bold and confident, elegant and sophisticated but also a free spirit. Confident for women who aren’t afraid to pursue a dream or a career and enjoy it.
She can be the pilot of a classic- car rally, she can walk on the red carpet at night while in the morning she ties her shirt in a bow not caring if the linen becomes all wrinkled. She is elegantly rebellious and untamed in the classiest way.

Since December 2020, Nevro presented two collections :

The "Find Yourself" launch collection, with nine signature blazers, a light topcoat, and a series of limited edition t-shirts, made by organic cotton and sustainable custom-made packaging, paying homage to women of History.
Not long after, in March 2021 Nevro presented the capsule collection " Thourios" dedicated to the Bicentennial Initiative 1821- 2021, a themed celebration of the 200 years since the outbreak of the Greek Revolution with scheduled anniversary actions and events for the entire 2021.

As seen on

News Anchors: Mara Zaharea, Sia Kossioni, Eva Antonopoulou, Rania Tzima, Niki Lymperaki, Dora Anagnostopoulou, Maria Nikoltsiou

Ambassadors/ Influencers: Gianna Angelopoulos- Daskalaki (GR), Sara Rosseto(IT), Gabriella De Berdugo(IT), Elena Galifa(GR), Shopranoblog(GR), Oleshya Rulin (LA), Michaela Dartois (LA), Brittenelle (LA), The Cartorialist, Vicky Kaya (GR), Genevievevv (GR)

We generated value since our pieces are seen on high-end professionals and influencers with vast spending power.

They are not simply random situational shoppers but a connected international community of decision-makers and opinion leaders characterized by their strong personalities, refinement, enhanced intellectuality, and a high degree of influential power among their personal and professional peer groups.

More specifically our clientèle consists of politicians, all major Greek female news anchors, global influencers but most importantly our blazers are worn repeatedly by the president of Greece 2021 Mrs. Gianna Angelopoulos, the Greek businesswoman and Ambassador-at-Large for the Hellenic Republic.


Some honorable mentions include the following: Forbes digital article August 2021, Editorial in Vogue Greece November issue 2021, Editorial Vogue Greece December 2021, Editorial Elle Greece January issue 2022, Editorial The Rake February issue 2022, outbreak for the capsule collection and specifically for the Evzon Military Jacket in every national press.

Part of the PFF Museum

The item White Pisli of the capsule collection "Thourios", is proudly listed on the items of the “B. Papantoniou” Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation (PFF), whose collections now number c. 50.000 artifacts, covering all the branches of study relating to modern culture.

The nonprofit institution based in Nafplion, Greece, aims at the research, preservation, study, and presentation of the material culture of Greece and the evolution of international fashion.

In 1989 Melina Mercuri as Minister of Culture of Greece assigned to the PFF the National Costume Archives. In 2003 Ioanna Papantoniou founded the Greek Costume Society as an extension of the Archives, aiming to a Costume Culture Museum in Greece.

Social Responsibility :

Nevro is participating twice per year at the auction Gala of THI (The Hellenic Initiative), aiming to provide direct crisis relief to the people of Greece, encourage entrepreneurs, and create jobs.
Nevro's project on Ethical Consumerism aims in making the invisible visible and show the transparency of products' life cycle.
Once per year, every sample that did not live up to the standards of our final products is on a 50%-60% sale. These samples have the same beauty as the final products and in this way, nothing gets wasted.