While walking on the magical island of Andros, you will come across a concept store full of light, unique collections, and a unique owner.

Nancy is one of those women who has the power to pursue their goals and be an inspiration to all of us.
A beautiful discussion with a Cycladic blue background.

Tell us more about the ''NANTE'' concept.

-My collection for NANTE, created solely by Greek designers, has a very specific flair inspired by the luxury of simplicity. This has helped me create a collection which epitomizes the simplicity of elegance. Now as far as my NANTE pieces - the ones that bear my signature - are concerned, they are specifically created by a charismatic team who can turn any thought and inspiration into reality.

Are you optimistic about the current crisis in Greece? Will we see ''the light at the end of the tunnel'' eventually?

-Optimism and the desire for new dreams have always been traits of mine. This current situation has tested our resolve and our limits but has also refocused us to design for the many not the individual; it has helped us put our egos and selfishness aside.

How is your everyday agenda and how do you combine your intense business life with your personal life?

-An essential start of my day is my contact with nature and the sun, which fill me with energy. Then, the Nante doors open early enough so that I can get in touch with my creative team who empower me. The lights at our concept store turn on daily at 10am and our daily contact with the world begins! Sales, contacts with wonderful people, orders, shipping of items, deliveries, phone calls… till late at night. Nante’s world is filled with surprises and unforgettable moments. The day ends filled with images and thoughts and ties absolutely with my personal life because when you do what your soul demands of you, there’s harmony in everything.

Are you the type of character who would swim against the stream or would you rather be on the safe side?

-I have never played it safe in my life and have never been afraid of a new beginning. I enjoy creating what’s on my mind and developing it step by step - always with feeling and always with high quality in mind.

The secret of being so creative?

-My secret is that I love my dreams, which is why my choices reflect my personality. Every action, every decision is soulful. Obviously, I am surrounded by a great team of hugely talented and creative individuals who share the same vision.

What's Nante's statement? What is the message you wish to send?

-Nante’s statement, based on its choices, is crucial and clear: It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.

What is your greatest fear?

-I have never learned to be afraid of anything in my life, in general. I simply set goals for myself and give them my all.

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career, what would it be?

-''Beautiful things never come easy but are always worth the effort.''

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

-It doesn’t even cross my mind. I prefer to enjoy the present. To live in the moment. To savour every breath, every second…