Nana Princess Placed on the Michelin Hotel Guides List of Recommended Hotels Around the World

Nana Princess, the Karatzis Group’s renowned resort in Crete, was recently recommended by the Michelin Hotel Guide, a top gastronomic listing and reference point for the global tourism industry, as one of the world’s recommended hotels to visit in 2022. 

Each year, the Michelin Guide publishes a list of its selected hotels, setting the same high standards it does for its recommended restaurants. The criteria that condition the final results are impeccable services, distinctive styles, the unique personalities and philosophies of each hotel.

The high standards of the facilities and services of Nana Princess, along with its idyllic views and warm hospitality, were what made it one of the top destinations for the new season. Notably, there are only eleven Cretan hotels on the list.

Nana Princess was mentioned in the Nana Princess guide as follows: “it’s not every day something so luxurious and, well, monumental opens on Crete; the advent of the Nana Princess certainly qualifies as a big deal.

And while certain concessions are made to tradition — rough-hewn stone walls abound, for example — the overwhelming impression is one of gleaming, modern opulence, from the massive, futuristic spa complex to the orderly rows of suites and villas cascading down towards the beach.”

For the Karatzis Group, this is yet another international recognition for the high-end hospitality services it has offered for many years.

Alongside the Nana Hotel team (Nana Princess and Nana Beach Hotel) the Group will continue to evolve along with the changing trends of the hospitality landscape, consistently offering an unforgettable stay for its guests.

You can find the Nana Princess listing on the Michelin Hotel Guide website at the following link.

Nana Princess

Owned and operated by the Karatzis Group of Companies SA, Nana Princess is a stunning addition to the dynamic island of Crete. Nana Princess boasts 112 luxurious rooms, suites, and villas, world-class leisure and entertainment facilities, a stunning private beach, indoor pool, outdoor pools, a state-of-the-art spa, and gym, as well as six destinations for dining and drinking.

Karatzis Group SA

The Karatzis Group is engaged in a wide range of activities in the international business sector. Nana Princess is the second hospitality project included in its portfolio. Aiming to create a luxurious accommodation experience for the visitor, Nana Princess complements the iconic Nana Golden Beach, emerging as the number one luxury destination in Crete.

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