Settled between Preveza and Mytikas, “Meraviglia Slow Living” is the first Slow Living Concept Design Hotel in Western Greece.

Its name, says the owner and constructor, Aris Tzimas, who has lived for years in Naples, stands up to expectations: the architecture of Sotiris Tsergas and the Block 722 architects, the private pool in each of its 7 suites and its botanical gardens evoke spontaneous and sincere admiration. ‘

The concept of “Slow Living” is about simplicity. It is a calmer and more balanced approach to everyday life that gives us time to re-evaluate what matters the most. It is about reconnecting with ourselves and the people around us.

“Meraviglia Slow Living” is the result of the collective effort of local manufacturers, craftsmen, workers, but also international designers, with a single commitment to the use of local, organic, and sustainable materials, to create a bioclimatic and hospitable space.

The plans were made in 2018 and the construction was completed this year. 15,000 plants were planted in the area of ​​8 acres that surrounds the complex as well as in the terrace garden.

Landscape architecture was supervised by Zoe Karakinari of the Z-TOPOS - LANDSCAPE office with the gardener George Matsiras.

Between the pool and the sea, there is an area planted with stipa and rosemary, creating the transition from the sea waves to the gentle movement of the overflow pool. For Aris Tzimas, the orchestration of the sounds was a priority.

Thus he created an original construction in the pools, in which the curvature of the overflow blocks the sound of the recycled water. In Meraviglia Slow Living only the sound of the sea can be heard.

Solid teak, suar and iroko wood was preferred for the pergolas, all the outdoor furniture, the ceiling, and the floor of the living room, to achieve a carefree barefoot living by the pool and in the room.

The floors in the bedroom and the bathrooms are covered with handmade mosaic, of specific granulometry for absolute symmetry, while the color ratio is such that it warms the dominant gray, in harmony with the rich red soil of the earth. 

The spaces of the rooms are structured on two levels, a choice that is not random. Each bedroom is elevated, in front of a window that functions as a theatrical stage, with mise en scene nature or the private jacuzzi in an inner courtyard.

In the rooms, the sense of place is rendered with a mix of Scandinavian design, Greek handmade furniture, as well as Italian works of art. The sleeping systems have the signature of Cocomat, the shower gels of Bottega Veneta, and the linens by Guy Laroche.


The “slow living” concept and the Brand Positioning were developed in collaboration with Vassilios Bartzokas and the Design Ambassador.

The logo, the website, the content, and the communication strategy of the hotel reflect the concept, while the new services are structured according to it.

These include alfresco private dinners with ingredients from the hotel's organic garden and floating breakfasts on the waters of each private pool.