Meli Suites is the ultimate in laidback luxury. It is located in Skala Potamia just a few seconds from Golden Beach, one of the most popular areas in Thassos.

Completely surrounded by nature and overlooking the sea, the architecture of this new property is distinguished by its elegance and it is fully characterized by Greek island architecture.

Simplicity and intuitive design characterize the architectural proposal for the repurposing of the building - previously used as leisure & recreation space – into a boutique accommodation, taking advantage of the prime location and the magnificent views over the coast of Skala Potamia.
Effortless and familiar, the design of the rooms follows an open-plan concept that enhances the sense of space while framing the views to the outside.

The use of natural materials and textures blends the building within its setting and amplifies a welcoming feeling to the visitors.

While most rooms offer a vantage point to the sea and the shared swimming pool, a sense of uniqueness and privacy is created through the design of the surrounding landscape and the strategic placement of vegetation.

Great emphasis is given to the design of quality outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces -shared and exclusive - that are integral to the Mediterranean climate lifestyle.
The boundary between the indoor and the semi-outdoor part of the rooms is intentionally blurred, creating the perception of the landscape becoming a natural extension of the rooms.

Being a repurposed design, sustainability and circular economy were thought off, making sure that most of the existing structure remained intact or was somehow recycled during construction.

The use of locally sourced wood and stones can be observed all around the hotel.

Seating in Meli Suites, you see a unique combination of the blue horizon, the sea, and the green of the mountain letting your feelings and thoughts travel away.

An exceptional view combined with elegant architecture.


Photo Credits: Stratos Sinathis.

All rights reserved.

Architectural Design: bm\mp architects.