A lot of -good- things happened in your life since our last interview 2 years ago. How are your days -and nights- in L.A?

-My work as an activist, representing queerness through modeling and acting in the United States, started exactly 2 years ago. So much has happened that I didn't even have time to reflect on. Within this period I've experienced some very powerful moments. Moments where I found myself  embodying the role of a future human in Marvel's Legion, becoming Covergirl 's beauty ambassador, performing on the LateNightShow with Jimmy Fallon, shooting with David LaChapelle,  walking in fashion shows for designers like Eckhaus Latta,  being on the cover of magazines with the title America's favorite girl, becoming an actual cosmo-girl, hosting the greatest parties in NY and LA as well as art-directing and showing my work in prestigious galleries. Last week I got the chance to talk about my personal journey in Hollywood's entertainment at Sophia Amoruso's Girlboss Rally. I spoke on a panel as the girl-boss I am with other speakers like Gwyneth Paltrow, about diversity and inclusion. Today 30seconds to Mars released Mark Romanek's music video which was all about America's diverse face. It  featured me as well as the emotional performances of Jared Leto,  Paris Jackson, Sofia Boutella and others . With a schedule like that you can imagine my days are pretty wild and my nights even wilder.  I think I manage to live my best life here in LA and I think I keep it glamorous. For me, a living creature of earth,  adding value to my time is the ultimate luxury.  I believe that no other currency worths more than our time alive.
Your collaboration with Maison the Faux, we would like to know more about this excellent concept.
-Like every other gig I get, I sign up, I find my light and I show up. In this order. Maison the Faux is a dutch clothing brand which in their latest show, aimed to pay tribute to hollywood's true modern culture. I think they did a great job with casting LA's freshest cultural icons. Every single individual that performed at this show was casted for what they've offered in the community and for being themselves. Hence why I stepped and repeated as the celebrity of the celebrities.  
Are there more opportunities after all, when somebody decides to leave Greece and work abroad or it is just a myth? 
-If you are a creative, definitely yes. What's considered to be an opportunity, varies for each person though. I would assume in terms of income streams there would be more opportunities in places with better economy. It makes me sad to think that people would leave such a beautiful country like Greece for that reason. On the bright side, internet i a nation on it's own and has broaden the spectrum of work.  I encourage my Greek friends to seek working opportunities in alternative forms like working remotely from wherever they want. 
I have the feeiling -and please correct me if i am wrong- that you have flourished in L.A , you seem more ''enlightened''. I always thought that we should have around us people that believe in what we do. Seems like you have those kind of supportive people in your own life. 
-Thank you Iliada, this is a great compliment.  I've progressed quickly and I think I've done some important work that I am quite proud of. I definitely owe that to my friends. I'm very lucky to have friends that I admire and get me inspired to merge forces so together we can create an impact to this world. I am grateful to have and to have had a tight crew of friends I love but I will shout out to two very special people in my life today.  Activist Blaine O'neill (dj buckmonster) who introduced me and warmly welcomed me in LA's queer community and record producer Sophie Msmsm who blessed my life with her music! 
''Holywood'' .True of fake glam? (personally, i love it, no matter what!)
-The word "Glam" is up for definition. I like anything that doesn't take itself too seriously and that's what I like about living in West Hollywood. There's a ton of room to play and you can really make anything you want out of it. I got a bit tired of Europe's formality so LA works fine for me now. Like every other city LA has different interesting sides to it.  I found "glamour"  for myself here but it was not what I thought it would be when I first moved here. I think people who have lived here for a while understand that the entertainment industry is a workplace and sometimes the performance of a lifestyle isn't a sustainable lifestyle itself.  
Activism. How important is for you?
-Extremely important. I couldn't be doing anything without having this purpose. I've decided to fight against inequality, misplaced power and discrimination. Now I don't do activism the traditional way through non profit organizations or legal fights at courts but I decided to do it i the field I've studied and have the most experience in . In entertainment. That's where I can offer the most so I'm constantly trying to find the strongest outlets of impact. Activism for me started with setting the following question to myself "what's the most impactful way I can help protect queer and trans people around the world?".    
Your experience in ''Fashion Week''? Was it really stunning?
-I definitely enjoy knowing what's current and be at the places where New York's fashion culture's heart beats. It's a great, fun experience but it's also very hard work. I've done it for four seasons so far. Manhattan has a crazy pace and like every other working model during fashion week I myself also had to turn into a robot. Forget about the creative agency stuff and start executing my itinerary.  At points I felt like a living zombie that takes the metro to go from point A to B via a casting stop, a fitting, a runway show, another show, more walking, a photo shoot,  a dinner, a fashion party, a  gala and finally end up screaming the iconic "taxi" to escape the noise and go home to do it all over again the next day. At this point you realize that your body needs way more fuel to perform all of this than this scramble quinoa and matcha latte would ever give you. Instead some would say cocaine and cashews would get you going. 
How do you deal all those followers? Did you ever had to deal with haters or people that are just envy about your lifestyle?
-I am pretty good with dealing with large audiences and being the center of attention of any sort. I think it has to do with the fact that I grew up as a queer kid in Corinth where people would call their friends to gather around wherever I was at to show them my queerness? or whatever. It became my comfort zone and soon I developed good coping mechanisms. I only engage what I choose and I show boundaries to people who cross my line.  
Do you believe that social media brings us together, or  its just an addiction we can not resist?
-I like social media. I think it's an amazing creative outlet that could be used in a beneficial way. It's also a marketing tool that helps you engage with people you might share common ground with. 
Before a few days days Athens and Thessaloniki embraced another ''Gay Pride'' Festival. Do you think there are certain reasons for this kind of celebrations? Or we shouldnt do it at all, it is ike we have to prove to society the right to be ''different''.
-Of course there's a reason for Pride anytime anywhere but specially in Greece. Diversity and authenticity in our sexuality is normal so it should be normalized. It's an effort to get the space and respect every single one of us deserves. 
You are the type of character who would swim against the stream than rather be on the safe side. Is it a price for all those choices?
-This is absolutely true. I do swim against the stream because that's the only way to swim. I see myself as a salmon or a trojan horse and one think I keep an eye on is to not get caught, so I won't need to pay any serious price, that would be allowing fear instead of love to take over.  
''Feminism''. Is an old- fashioned term or it is a ''more up to the minute'' value for you?
-I see what you mean by that and I try to avoid using such bold terms so I'll try to do the same here. 
You next business goals?
I'll keep planting seeds and if the ground is euphoric and the weather good we might all be lucky enough to see the flowers!!