A small step for us, a Giant step for strengthening Social Cohesion.

«The children were playing at the beautiful garden of a giant. But he scared them away and he built a tall fence around it barring the entry. Since then, neither the spring nor the summer came back ever again. The birds flew away and snow and hail were constantly falling. Flowers didn’t grow and trees did not blossom. But the children snuck secretly in the garden and then it all changed. The giant knew, he became kind and loved the children. And by the time he grew old, one of them led his soul to heaven».

In this moving tale, Oscar Wilde talks against selfishness and highlights humanity and love, the right to play and beauty that knows no borders, boundaries or neighbourhoods.

An Everyday Culture in human relationships was our inspiration from the beginning and the first step towards the Social Culture Society, «Little Giants».

A Society of Dialogue and Creative Expression.

Arts and Culture are the most sophisticated social products of every community.

In addition, the right to free access to information, knowledge and the Cultural Product in the 21st ce. the century of information and interactivity was consolidated in the Charter of the United Nations as an institutionalised human right.

Social networks and the social media greatly contributed to what we call «Global Dialogue» and shared this information by introducing the concept of «Personal Democracy». That is, the right that everyone has to free access, distribution and use of the Global Cultural Product.

Today sensitive target groups with limited access to the cultural product and associated projects are classified among socially excluded groups, a phenomenon of social racism.