We are Elpis and Dora, two crazy Greeks with a growing passion to explore the world and make it a better place to live. We are both economics graduates following our dream and our heart! We love cycling, camping, lying on the beach, playing beach tennis, eating, playing board games and TRAVELING! Through this blog we hope to share with you and as many people as possible our love for traveling and volunteering, for new challenges, exciting places and ways of life! Our AfriQuest and Wheeling2help experiences taught us a lot about sharing and caring, so from now on we will be combining all our travels with volunteering work.. it just feels so nice :)

Regarding our budget, no, we are not Onassis’ children. We also do not have sponsors paying for our expenses.

We do fundraising campaigns 100% for the humanitarian projects and we cover our expenses ourselves.
What we do is work for a period of time, then quit and travel! And again from the beginning :)
To be more specific, we worked in Cape Town for 2.5 years, saved money and traveled 6 months in Africa spending 3,000 euro. Then, we worked in the UK for 8 months, and saved more than enough for the 3,000 we aim to spend for our 6 month AsiaQuest adventure. Our daily budget when traveling is usually 15 euro per day (including transportation, accommodation, food, visas, etc), depending on the countries of course..
We spend money only for things we really need and we mostly use our tent and cooking equipment to minimize the costs..
This is the charm of traveling anyway :)