Her love for manufacturing began when she was a little kid! Her decision to be a kindergarten teacher wasn’t accidental at all.

She knew that through colours and constructions she would discover a part of her imagination. She always remember herself crafting things at school, at home and give them as presents to her friends. As years went by, she figured out that fashion is another field that interests and excites her. So, she began designing and crafting her own jewellery and accessories. Handmade jewellery is an integral part of her life. By designing and crafting new jewellery she expresses her opinion upon fashion and art.

She does care about people’s opinion and impression on her jewellery and accessories , but she always tries to find herself in them.

How does she consolidate the knowledge? By studying and feeling the world around her with her senses.

Her knowledge is consolidated through the seminars she has attended in the Workshop of Polymeric Clay in Athens with Gadi Simigdala as well as her studies on silversmith workshop "by CreatEVIty" with Evi Dimolaidou. Sometimes imagination doesn’t need a specific object to be aroused. It may be cliché but as an artist she finds interesting anything that can be inspirational, such as a fashion photo, a garment, a tapestry. Even a detail can be the start of a synthesis being completed in her mind. Her attendance on seminars as well as her studies on jewellery plays a great role because it broadens her horizons and provides her with new information and stimuli.

Her latest collection  includes a variety of necklaces made of polymeric clay and pieces of metal. Her new Limelight collection contains a variety of motives and each of them has its own touch which gives a person the opportunity to adopt a different style and immerge into different roles,either a girly,rock or lady like one. That’s the reason why she named the collection “Take your Role”.

Her favourite and basic element is polymer clay while she starts gradually to enhance her collections with metal designs. With polymer clay she has the chance to create unique pieces and create the so called handmade jewellery.What excites her the most is that the ‘lifeless’ clay can become an ornament with its own personality. Sometimes one can think that the beads are drawn,but as a matter of fact it is a technique used to create a pattern.

She believes that women who appreciate handmade would see her jewellery as a form of art and not only will they complete their appearance but it is the jewellery that will define it.

Her goal is to make more people appreciate the handmade jewellery,its uniqueness,its eccentricity and sometimes the hard work and love with which every piece is made.