Ioanna Andritsou is a jewelry designer living and working in Athens, Greece.

Noilence jewelry is inspired from the memories of the past to explore the versatile aspects of the future. The conversation between traditional and modern is everywhere in Noilence’s work and is embodied by pieces that strive to capture the beauty of both. Geometry, symbols and nature all figure strongly in its work, creating a style that could be described as “primitive futuristic”.
The "Symmetry" Collection
The collection’s aesthetic illustrates opposing fundamentals: the antiquated and the modern, the organic and the industrial, the romantic and the realistic. Brass, geometry and natural stones are the main essentials of Noilence’s work. Based on vintage patterns and geometric shapes, the pieces embody nostalgic and alternative elements. Noilence brings these elements together to transform them into forward-looking, contemporary pieces.
The Designer
Ioanna Andritsou is a jewelry designer based in Athens, Greece, who also has an international background in business and economic studies. It was her love and passion for creation from an early age that led her to explore design techniques, embrace them and develop an artistic work that empowers the uniqueness of the individual. Her jewelry is stimulated by the notion that every piece is a story that holds safe the meaning and the significance of this distinctiveness.