Stone, the witness of eternity, has hard and solid struggles against time, having lived, met, and formed the stages of human civilization.
Meanwhile, the Sun, the only and unique form of natural light, the provider of life, was the first deity that human reason perceived and acquired a protruding position in all religions.

The vital energy is symbolized by the cycle, the perfect geometrical form without beginning and end, which represents infinity and guarantees the order and harmony of the universe.
The Sun was often sculptured on stones as archeological findings in Cape Tainaro prove. Evermore, Byzantine Art presents various examples of sun representations with specific motives.

The subtractive peculiarity of these motives determines the shape of our logo, referring to the unaffected, frugal natural environment of Mani.

The picture is completed by the blue-green color of the point where the sea meets the sky. The creation of an easily recognized symbol that creates a color contrast on the background of both stone and nature reflects the spirit of “Petra & Fos” – Stone & Light -.