The enchanting Deluxe Boutique Hotel “ Palea Poli “ is situated in the heart of a picturesque town in northern Greece, Naoussa.This Deluxe Boutique Hotel is sheltered in a grand building, dated back to 1900 and which in the past used to be a filature factory, processing silk. Palea Poli was renovated in an exemplary way. The owners’great love, admiration and respect for the local traditional architecture created a unique Deluxe Boutique hotel in the town of Naoussa, which will definitely satisfy even the most demanding guests during their stay.

The luxurious and welcoming premises of the Deluxe Boutique Hotel “Palea Poli”, with its awe-inspiring Mid War furnishings recreate the aura of the remarkable past, making guests feeling their heart throbbing to the beat of the old good days in Naoussa.  On  the ground floor of the building there is a majestic fireplace, near which you will have the chance to taste both our satisfying homemade breakfast and the unique, well–cared dishes of our Mediterranean cuisine, which you can combine with our aromatic, excellent quality local wines from our rich cellar.

Visit Naoussa with its abundant natural beauties and select for your stay the Deluxe Boutique Hotel Palea Poli, providing yourself an experience, as a present, which will be engraved in your memory forever!