Can high technology reproduce an original work of art
and still keep the latter`s authentic value?

The creations of Kaliston Art answer that this is possible.

They found inspiration in the rich Greek tradition and the uniqueness of Greek nature. Modern Greek artists in their own perspective and talent enhance the elements of this tradition and evoke this timeless landscape by creating works of art with the chisel, the brush the lens and the ink in unrestrained inspiration. These come to be imprinted in the noblest textures by meticulous technology transforming them from a mere reproduction into an independent artistic originality. Photographic compositions, engravings, paintings, or any other kind of visual expression form the artistic starting point of our finished product.

We have used the most accomplished high tech procedures and materials of first quality, which have been elaborated in the best possible way by the most experienced and original designers. In this way the original and unique work of art has been transformed through a very conscientious and meticulous procedure into a new artistic product of exceptional utility, but also of particular artistic value. The work of art through its elaborate and careful selection of materials and the high fi-technological analysis of color and texture in the imprinting process retains a good deal of its original artistic conception.