Arjuna Knitwear lovingly produces comfortable, one size clothes with organic materials. Inspired by the philosophy surrounding Yoga, we produce clothes that are easy to wear all day, everyday.

Our quest is to continuously develop new knitting garments that are free form clothes with a sense of movement and freedom that yoga practicing has introduced in our lives.

We seek to blend the harmony of knitting, high quality organic materials and personal inspiration to maximize the lavishing sensation of wearable knitwear.



Inspired by the philosophy surrounding yoga, we lovingly produce knitted clothes that are easy to wear all day, against tight patterns that become stressful and pressing in our everyday life. Knitting structures and designs that allow the body to breathe and convey its universal energy to the surroundings.

Our sincere interaction with nature and our holistic approach towards the world, inspire us in developing knitting forms and fashion designs that reveal movement and reflect life's continous flow.

Arjuna  is the name of the main warrior- prince in the Bhagavad Gita.

Our collection name is Satya is Sanskrit for honesty.