Triangle Wooden Purse

The design is also about contradictions. One of shapes -the triangle shape of the purse to a circular handle- one of lines -the texture of the zebrano veneer to the horizontal lines of the cord- and one of materials -two wooden surfaces to an internal pouch of artificial leather. 

The Triangle Wooden Purse has been selected by the jury of TOP DESIGN 2016 |



Freelance Architect - member of Desarch architects  

01/07 – Present : Final study, detailed designs and construction supervision for DOUBLE DETACHED HOUSE in Moschato, APARTMENT RENOVATION in Keratsini and Marousi and FLAT in Korydallos 

Architectural study for VACATION HOUSE in Andros and RURAL RESIDENCE in Taygetos Mountain.

06/14-12/14 and 03/15- 5/15 : responsible for the inspection and analysis of various real estate assets for Resolute’s activities in Greece.

01/13 - 01/14: Participation in ΜΟNUMENTA programs: RECORDING AND PROMOTION OF ATHENIAN ARCHITECTURE FOR THE PERIOD 1830-1940                


01/11 - 07/12:Urban Environment Laboratory of Architecture School and Computational Fluid Engineering Unit of Chemical Engineering School, NTUA


Architectural Constructions in Archaeological Sites

05/12 - 06/12 Architectural study for the ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK OF ORCHOMENOS VIOTIAS                          

12/01 - 12/02Study for the Protection and Configuration of ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE OF ISTHMUS                              

01/01 - 06/01Construction of a WOODEN MOBILE AMPHITHEATRE for 3000 people, for the “Mythodia” of V. Papathanasiou in the Temple of Olympian Zeus.                                                                                                  


Assistant professor                      

09/07- 06/09 Architecture School, NTUA, Teaching Architectural Design, in Sector Ι, School of Architecture                                                                                                                                      

Project Manager          

01/05 - 12/06; Architectural design and supervision of the internal layouts of the administration building of the Geniki Bank, Mesogion 109-111. Monitoring of the Geniki branches renovation studies with the new corporate identity and preparation of tender documentation. Contract and account editing for consultants and contractors.    



09/06 - 03/09: Master of Science Degree “DESIGN - SPACE – CULTURE” Direction A

09/97 - 03/04: Diploma in Architecture, National Technical University of Athens

09/95 – 06/96: Vocational Training Degree, Specialization on European Community Issues