‘Isadorable’ is the Christmas collection created by Daphne Valente, having as inspiration the innovative and iconic ‘Mother of modern dance’ Isadora Duncan.

Duncan has extensively used Ancient Greek aesthetics in her choreographies and was one of the first women to wear in public the pleated gowns of groundbreaking designer Mariano Fortuny.

True to her timeless style, Daphne creates comfortable sculptural party dresses, which dance around the body, in an attempt to answer the question, what would Isadora Duncan wear if she was alive today?

The designer’s familiar pleated fabrics come in intense and theatrical colors like Scarlet, Plum, Ink, Cypress, Navy and Black, while her body embracing shapes appeal to elegant women of all ages who want to attract attention in a discreet way.

‘Isadorable’ collection is available at Geelist, Aesthet, Muses Corfu and by appointment at Daphne’s showroom in Syntagma.



Creative/ Art direction: Youngster Athens 

Photography: Veronica Panko

Styling/ MUA: Youngster Athens

Model: Maria Despina Vazaka (Dancer at the Greek National Opera Ballet)