All our sandals are handmade in Greece, using traditional techniques passed through generations.

Childhood memories, such as the colors, light and sea of the Greek Islands are the things that inspired the designer, Christina Fragista, to create her own collection of traditional sandals.

The combination of semi-precious stones, premium quality Greek leather and CRYSTALLIZEDTM  Swarovski Elements, are what make Christina Fragista Sandals unique and of outstanding quality.

Named individually after Greek Islands, each pair carries its own history. The Christina Fragista styles are timeless and offer playful, contemporary interpretations of ancient Grecian culture, using time honored techniques.


The word “sandal” is derived from the Greek word “sandalon”. It has been stated that sandalon are shoes of a god. Sandals are simple footwear composed of a sole that is held onto the foot by straps. Though the ancient Greeks did not invent the style, they did create many types of leather sandals, developing shoemaking into a skilled art and introduced a wide variety of footwear styles for all classes of men and women. By 500 B.C. the average Greek citizen could tell much about the people that passed in the street by the style of sandals they wore.