1.what is greece to you?

-Sun, blue sea and civilization. This is my country!

2.tell us one place we should go this summer in GREECE

- Chios. A beautiful island of Greece

3.Iros best things in life.........

- My favorite thing above all is to play on stage my favorite role. The notary.

4.what songs has the sountrack of your life?

- In colors- minor project, El corazon- arno Elias

5.hungry?in which restaurants you should take your friend from abroad??

-In traditional restaurants to taste Greek food

6.a hotel that made you feel like home?.

- Skopelos has a very comfortable hotel with all my needs and called andrina hotel

7.your next trip will be ..where?

- I wish my next trip to be in Mexico

8.your secret of having a great time..

- My secret is to laugh and to watch the life with optimism

9. five things of greece you cant live without

- sea, oxygen, sun, Greek food and smells of the nature

10. Which is your favorite spot of the city you live?

- My favorite spot in my country is at Plaka near acropolis

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