Yiasou! is the introductory greeting of Diana Kochila’s bio in her popular site http://dianekochilas.com, where she shares delicious Greek recipes and Mediterranean cooking secrets with her fellow Americans.

Little Diana was born in New York to Greek parents and she first visited Greece in 1972. “I fell in love with the sun, the hospitality and the simple delicious food”, she recalls. During the following years of adolescence, Diana spent her summer holiday in Greece, filled with the Greek flavours of Ikaria and Athens. The adult Diana chose to base her business in Athens and then spend her life between Greece and the United States. From the beginning of her career, she decided to devote herself to exploring and promoting healthy, happy and tasteful Greek food.

Kochilas is the diet consultant of Harvard and Yale students and has authored over 17 books of Greek cuisine. She also works as a columnist in major magazines and newspapers, like the New York Times, the Washington Post, Food and Wine and Saveur and also cooks recipes on the biggest television channels in the United States. In Greece, she has worked as a food critic in the newspaper Ta Nea for over 20 years.  In the United States, she is a consulting chef at some of the best Greek restaurants, like Boukies, Pylos and Avli. She owns a web channel GreekFoodTV, sharing videos of her cooking recipes and also makes her suggestions for the must-go restaurants in Athens viahttp://dineoutathensbydianekochilas.blogspot.gr/

Diane and her husband Vassilis Stenos have founded Glorious Greek Kitchen on the island of Ikaria, where she gives cooking lessons every summer. She also plans gastronomy tours in Greece for adventurous gourmands and food professionals.