Dimitris Adamopoulos was born in Athens in 1974. From a very early age –he remembers himself- growing up amongst tools. His childhood toys were automatically transformed into parts and pieces, so that he could understand the way they worked. He studied Mechanical Engineering –which he practiced for many years- and Interior Design -which cultivated his sense of aesthetics and love for architecture-.  “Mechanical Engineering is the ‘how’ – Architecture is the ‘why’. In order to build a bicycle frame, though, a frame builder must first of all learn the metal. Watch it transform, change temperature and color, feel it in your hands.

He is the only person behind the OKTO Cycles bench.  Inspired by master frame builders of Italy and America he aspires in giving the bicycle lover what he cannot find in mass produced bicycle frames. He accomplices that goal with traditional frame building methods but using modern materials. Every frame is built to order to fit its rider’s needs. Every frame is unique.
Lately, whenever is not behind his bench, he is trying to find a ‘home’ in Athens for his tools, jigs and his passion for bicycles.  Even though Greece is not traditionally known for handmade bicycle frames, Dimitris is really proud that his frames carry the badge ‘HANDCRAFTED IN GREECE’.