We invite you to come to live unique experiences among the firs, in an idyllic environment combining tradition, elegance and comfort, while offering a unique view to the mountains of Korinthia and the Corinthian Gulf.

The region of Trikala was inhabited from ancient times as mentioned in Pausanias Achaic, mainly in the areas of ancient Pellini which exists until today, and "Mysaioy", the Temple of Demeter Mysias.

Trikala is 24 miles from Xylókastron and 144 km from Athens. Have 1200m, which combined with the arid climate and excellent water quality has made it the ideal spot, from the period of the first world war, for those who had health problems. The area is located between the Hill firs, pines and lush vegetation and is known for running water, which is enhanced in the winter and snowing in the area very often.