We are a group of young people full of fresh ideas, energy and passion for this special hometown of ours. Therefore, we wanted to create a unique place in order for you to have the holiday of a lifetime.

Oniropetra is characterized by hospitality and warmth which you can feel through the comfort and the design given by the furniture and lights of the wonderful Love-it.gr.

Built with stone and wood which depict our innovative ideas and vision, the hotel aims at making your stay in Karpenissi unforgettable by combining the natural beauty of the place with the special aesthetics of our premises in a unique way.

Oniropetra gives you the opportunity to travel to a magnificent, fairytale-like place since it offers relaxation and serenity but at the same time action and adventure, which are all the elements that fulfill the visitor’s wishes.

Located only 5 km away from the central square of Karpenisi and on the main road leading to the town in Ambla location, Oniropetra constitutes an exceptionally accessible destination for each visitor,  just a 3-hour-drive from Athens (285 km) and 310 km from Salonica.

Hotel Oniropetra is built on the central road at a distance of 3 km after exiting the tunnel which links the two prefectures of Evritania and Lamia. 

In the winter months you need to be extra cautious because of the snow. Needless to say we are always at your disposal to give you further details on what you will need in order to reach our premises.

The ski center of Karpenissi is situated 16 km from the town while the sports center is 1 km away.