The building housing the hotel was built in the early 1920s when Agrinion, the heart of Etoloakarnania, was the centre of the tobacco trade in Greece and the houses of merchants were the sign of welfare and prestige of their owners. This particular house, which also housed the store rooms of tobacco owned by the then owning family and had the architectural characteristics of the era, constitutes a jewel of the city even today.

The willingness to preserve the building, which is one of the few worth preserving buildings in Agrinion, led Marianna and Kostas to decide to locate the owners of the building and buy it. When the effort was met with success and the building came into their ownership after many years, they decided to transform it into a modern boutique hotel, the only one in the town, taking into consideration the fact that it is in Papastratos street, the most commercial street in Agrinion. Tha existing building in which all the original decorative and architectural elements giving it its particular value have been preserved, was extended with a new building and so 14 rooms, 3 suites, areas for eating, a gym and a centre of wellbeing have been created.

Today, the visitor stepping through the entrance of the once tobacco storehouse finds himself into the welcoming reception with the impressive fireplace, the updated collection of books and the unique decoration for which international companies, local workers and manufacturers of furniture all over Grecee cooperated. Next to it on the groundfloor, there is the bistro, a place where one can enjoy his cup of coffee with some light dishes in the daytime or his drink with selected tasteful suggestions in the evening. On the three floors of the two buildings, one can rest, work or relax in the rooms which have been designed with the primary aim of offering comfortable stay in a well kept space devoid of external noise and able to provide complete darkness, furnished with anatomic beds made with cotton sheets, marble bathtubs, brandname cosmetics and many other details which will make the guest share the new advanced philosophy of hospitality in facilities friendly to the environment not only in terms of construction but of operation as well. Finally on the -1 level, the gym, the hammam, the hydro-massage and the cabins of therapy will revitalise you contributing, in their turn, to completing a unique experience every time you choose the facilities of this boutique hotel for your stay during your visit to Agrinion.