HOTEL HELMOS KALAVRITA is located on the historical “Platia Eleftherias” (Liberty Square) in Kalavrita. This square was named after the meeting of the three leaders of the revolution for independence, held there on the 21st of March 1821. This meeting was the outbreak of the liberation war and the beginning of Modern Greece.

The hotel’s history is highly associated with that of the town of Kalavrita in the 20th century. It is a scheduled building of 1922 that was expanded in the 1930s, burnt down by the Germans on December 13th 1943, thereinafter repaired and operated as a hotel until the last decade.

Its age-old history, associated with the region’s history, has left its indelible signs on the building, which was renovated with consistency and respect for its tradition in 2005 and reoperated, fully renewed.

HOTEL HELMOS KALAVRITA, after the intervention of the noted architects Manos Perrakis, Harris Kakkanas and Pavlos Kalligas, has regained its old glamour and adorns today the beautiful town of Kalavrita as the only four star hotel. It offers the visitors a remarkable stay in an elegant environment.