'"Once upon a time, a fairy roamed the peaks of all high mountains and then arrived at Velouhi; she descended to the Karpenissiotis River to quench her thirst and exhausted she leaned against the trunk of a walnut tree to rest".

Senses, scents, color, style and human warmth have prevailed for more than 20 years.

Enjoy a rich breakfast, an afternoon Greek mountain tea with homemade desserts and an evening drink to the sound of jazz & blues in the sitting room or in the patio depending on the season.

An exceptional combination of the senses, romantic atmosphere and relaxation in a unique Boutique Hotel for savvy travelers.

The Switzerland of Greece …

Megalo Horio, 12km from the city of Karpenissi on the foothills of Mt. Kaliakouda, among walnut and chestnut trees.


Enchanting surroundings…. Green everywhere; a garden pavilion with gossamer curtains and the shade of a venerable walnut tree offer a unique experience and a warm, romantic environment.