A contemporary refuge where timeless values and romantic images meet

A land full of rock and resistance.

A dry, rigorous and expressive landscape bound together with the site and the spirit of the place.

This is Mani and we welcome you to Kitta, the town of Nicliani, to the towers of mighty.

The families of Nicliani, which have dominated Mani since the early 13th century, have set seal on the landscape of the area and contributed to its special nature by building towers on the highest sites of the area, which remain silent and convincing symbols of their superiority.

These imposing towers consolidated the prestige, the power and social status of the inhabitants of Kitta, while they were constantly being built as fortresses, as well as a challenge to other families’ neighboring towers.

After having travelled around widely, we returned to the place we love, to the dignified land of Mani, to create a contemporary refuge, where timeless values and romantic images meet.

We invite you to discover the place yourself and to create with us new memories of not only an old place but also a unique one.