We started our culinary adventure in a small kitchen facility in 1997.

We baked, cooked and created sweets and deserts, made to order, but soon veered toward the traditional preserving of fruit and the gathering of recipes and skills from the past.

We revived the sweet once found in all Greek households, fresh whole fruit preserved only in a sugar syrup without the addition of preservatives or colouring.

It was not long before we moved to larger premises and were able to be more creative.

Spoon sweets gave way to jams and fruit juices which in turn lead us sauces and marinades all made with fresh sun ripened fruit and vegetables. Careful tight steps which ensured both taste and quality.

Our location allows for the delivery of produce from all over Greece, being close to the national road.

Our premises are open for visitation and a friendly exchange of ideas is always welcome. You may even wish to shop on the spot!