Studying painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts, I first came in contact with the jewelry scene, as I started working next to renowned Greek designers, firstly by learning techniques and, in a short while, as an assistant designer.
By going to Holland, in order to continue my studies in arts, I came in contact with other cultures and civilizations (Eastern and Western) and I gathered a lot of different images and heard a lot of different stories.
I came back to Greece and, while working as a freelance jewelry designer assistant, I begun my own workshop.
Jewelry design had stolen my heart!
Behind each line that I make there is a beautiful story, inspired either by the Greek mythology, philosophy, tradition, or by an everyday story, either my own or of one of my friends’. I also like very much to play with different symbolisms and meanings that combine and formulate a story inside my head.
I start as an observer and continuous as narrator of a story that I perceive with my own eyes, whose decision is made by the most important events of all time. In addition, I am interested in the metaphysical dimension of concepts, in a few words, the story behind the story. The basic elements of the objects that I create are energy, thought and love that do 'to each so unique. I consider all my jewels of luck because every time I get the inspiration of a line is as if sent away, what I do not like and call what I want next to me.