I am lucky to be living my dream of having my own jewelry business.

I began to learn this craft at the age of 16. Since then is my full time job and I feel that making jewellery is my passion. My jewellery workshop is placed in Salamina, a Greek island which is famed for it's history. There, I get the inspiration for my collections through simple every-day things such as going for a walk on the beach or waking up close to nature. As a Designer and Metalsmith, depending on the trend of the times, I create jewellery for all tastes, working with all kinds of metals and using different techniques. Every single piece goes through my own hands. Handmade jewelry takes a lot of work but makes all the difference. Almost everything I know I have learned through trial and error, enjoying every bit of the way. 
I believe that the detail makes the difference. The perfect finishing, the harmony in shapes and colors, the clear lines, symmetry and geometry are my basic characteristics. My goal is to create designs that can be worn all day till night as well as designs for impressive appearances. I like to match the old with the new, the classic with the modern, the minimal with the funky and the chic with the trendy.