KOKU Concept is a true Lifestyle brand created by Maria & Ilena Kokkou.

From the very beginning it established a goal to create fashion accessories and interior objects that would excite & amaze its customers with the concept, quality, design and aesthetic.

Every piece from both the fashion and interior collections is unique, as well as handmade with love and care at KOKU Concept’s Athens-based studio by a team of skilled people who share Maria’s and Ilena’s passion for detail and quality.

KOKU Concept’s fashion collection consists of Summer living & Travel essentials that have a practical element with a colourful fashion twist.

All accessories are made from a combination of monochromatic cotton & multicoloured woven fabrics. The small accessories of the collection also have an interior waterproof lining. A laser-cut plexiglas® motif is then stitched on and has become the brand’s signature element. Fluorescent colours and summer-themed shapes such as pineapples, sunglasses, sharks and palm trees add a touch of sunshine to each creation.

Practicality always plays a key role for each product’s design. The size of each product has been purposefully designed to fit everyday essentials, for example:
•Interior pockets are custom-made to hold your money, phone and jewelry
•A soft structure on all of the fashion items allow them to be flat-packed into a suitcase when travelling.
•The lengths of straps are designed to fit easily and comfortably on your shoulder.
•Waterproof interior for some items allow for practicality, no matter the occasion

The Interior collection comprises of a wide range of home décor accessories, including trays, boxes, pillows, bean bags & a variety of stylish practical everyday products.

A selection of plexiglas & digitally printed fabrics, are used to craft objects that possess a personalised feel. Using simple, uncomplicated and modern designs- that follow the same philosophy of being practical and multipurpose - they can be used in all rooms of client’s homes.

KOKU Concept’s sense of humor always shines through the colourful messages and slogans inscribed on them, which usually express special wishes such as “Dream” or “Love”.