Our Universe is vast and chaotic, but to view it as a Cosmos, is to see it as a complex and intricate yet orderly entity to which there is beauty and grace.

Antonia Karra’s signature jewelry embodies and symbolizes the Cosmos. Imagine a globe, gold, in miniature, embossed and double-sided…a globe that one can wear anytime and anywhere.

This signature piece, much like reminiscing childhood games of imaginary travel, contains and reflects the exuberant Cosmos of which we are a part.

It signals a journey we can take without planning, without passports, or masks…it reminds us of the hope and dreams the Cosmos contains if we view it with an open heart and seek its hidden treasures when embarking on each of our journeys.

Derived from intense feelings in combination with a hopeful and passionate vision, Cosmos Collection features a selection of sleek and simple yet elegant and exquisite solid sterling silver and gold-plated pieces, both classic and new! Cosmos Collection encompasses the entire world and seeks to spread love, hope and beauty.