The well known Verina Suites and Pool bar is located in Platys Gialos of Sifnos, the longest and most cosmopolitan beach of the island. Just 50 meters from the beach, surrounded by olive groves and nice gardens, Verina is an exclusive complex comprised of 4 apartments and 2 separate suites in line with the traditional architecture and the modern design, decorated by the talented interior designer Aria Korizi.
At Poulati, where the magic scenery of the blue horizon meets the view of the castle, Verina Astra updates the quality of luxury accommodation at Sifnos. Just a few minutes away from the center of the island, Apollonia, but at the same time in one of the most peaceful and quite areas of the island, are located 7 breathtaking suites that are considered to be one of the best accommodation choices.
Verina Suites is built with luxurious standards, according to the long-established architecture of Sifnos, with a charming interior design of a minimal character and has been established as one of the highest quality accommodation facilities on the island. The comfortable lounge area around the swimming pool will be waiting for you to enjoy the best cocktails under the sun, while having the chance to enjoy top quality service by Isidora Handeli and her team.
Verina Astra, as a work of art, is truly and entirely harmonized with the natural beauty of the island. Materials of top quality blend with the specious rooms and the ideally comfortable bedrooms. Living rooms being in a “loose” design character along with the little kitchenettes, complete your staying, while you experience the amazing view from the private balconies that touch perfection.