Kontaki design is a newly established Greek company that exclusively designs and produces handcrafted objects and furniture. All objects and furniture are

designed and manufactured in Greece. Each piece is unique and only a limited number of copies are produced. 

We conceive the object as a work of art which does not lose its functional purpose, while at the same time we use only the finest materials.

That is the Kontaki Design Philosophy.

We do not perceive the furniture as a “transformer” object that serves us in many ways. Instead we try to sustain its personality and character and try to

engage into a “conversation” with it in the space that is rightfully its own.

We attempt to create a dream like effect in a world where we coexist with the objects, as they “move” throughout our space, almost as if they existed before

we even discovered them.

Our source of inspiration combines spontaneity and an escape from elaborate design and also from the rigid rules that surround it. 

Our desire is that the object “shed” itself from any excess “weight”.

We are not interested in mass production or in the impression created by it.

We strive for quality of life and why not, perhaps even reveal a flaw in our environment, by our inspiration.